Kingdom Bank Funds New UK Church With £1m


Kingdom Bank, UK, has given a loan of £1m to Dundonald Church. This is the highest loan it has given in its history and it is part of its mission to plant new churches across. This project, which began in December 2020, is a new 650-seat church in Wimbledon. The building shall be commissioned in September.

The components of the new church building include meeting rooms, a main hall, and an area for youth club games. The project manager of the scheme is Green Pastures. It is a Christian housing charity whose focus since 1999 is to stop homelessness in south London.

Individuals who desire to stay in the private flats will be given at a particular amount. Meanwhile, the profits will be invested into helping persons who are homeless in southwest London.

While speaking on the church project, Kingdom Bank CEO, Paul Houghton, told Premier that the project is major in southwest London, and they are glad to partner and assist in the project as it is what they love to do as a bank.

He also talked about the transformation project that would be going on in the new 650-seater church auditorium with other additional spaces. More so, he said they would love to do more of such project especially when they are in the position to do so. There are plans to support other churches with various sizes of loans. The churches are about 38 in number.

With a 60 years history, Kingdom Bank has a new ownership. Houghton stated that much has not been heard of them because of different reasons. The new ownership consists of evangelical investors who have worked towards supporting churches in a new dimension.

Therefore, they hope they can be of service to more churches as they desire to be more known by UK churches. In their statement, Green Pastures said they are glad to be the developer of this amazing project. They are also glad to work with the Kingdom-minded Dundonald team.

They recalled that in 2010, they built their first block of flats. Since then, they have grown to the level that they hope to assist in constructing the dreams of people across UK. In the process, they intend to give them the opportunity to be of greater force on their communities.

In addition, he said that the development of the Dundonald church and apartments suits them. This is an avenue for them to further be of help to the homeless with the re-invested funds. In their words,

"The Dundonald church and apartments development aligned with us, creating a tool for community use and dwellings for open market sale. We aspire to create a bed in the housing market for every bed we buy to house the homeless. Any surplus created by developments is used to buy more homes for the homeless and provide the support required. We look forward to seeing the Dundonald church continue to help more in their community and improve their lives."

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