Happy Father's Day

It is truly a scary and humbling experience being a father.

Imagine growing up without any training but relying on what you see your father do; the role of fathers in movies; and the almighty Father as portrayed in the Holy book.

It seems every one has a high expectation of you. God expects you to be an all-in leader of your family; your wife expects you to be a spiritual, physical, financial leader; your children expect Daddy to know everything, buy everything, solve every problem. Daddy is not expected to be broke.

Sometimes you ask yourself if you are capable of meeting all these expectations. You are not expected to be afraid or doubt your abilities. Sometimes you feel all alone.

Some men buckle under the pressure, denying the exigencies of the role while some gladly "chest" it.

However when you know that you are not alone and that God's got your back, then you know that you can do all things through Christ that strengthens you. You stick out your chin and you are able.

Would I trade it for another role? Definitely No. There is pride in being a father. There is the joy of raising a family the way God wants and helping him raise a generation

There is joy in being a father.

Happy Father's day to all those who have accepted the challenge.

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