‘’Scars in Heaven’’ Breaks Streaming Record for a Christian Song at Amazon Music


Scars in Heaven, the latest song of Grammy award-winning group, Casting Crowns, has continued to inspire listeners since its release. From impacting lives, it has broken the global first-day streaming record for a Christian song debut on Amazon Music. So far, it has gathered about 700,000 views as it was featured on the Billboard in Nashville. 

The President and CEO of Provident Entertainment, Terry Hemmings, commended the relevance of the song and how powerful it has become. He also talked about the lingering effect the song will have on its listeners in the coming years. In his words,

“Casting Crowns continues to deliver songs that are timely and relevant to their listener’s lives. Seeing ‘Scars in Heaven’ break records like this with Amazon Music is just another example of the power of the songs that Mark has been gifted with and shared with us over nearly two decades.

‘’I’m certain this song will be among the most impactful songs of their vaulted career. It is a great honor to stand with Casting Crowns and the message this band communicates as they release new music in the coming months”.

“Scars in Heaven” was co-written by Matthew West and Mark Hall. Hall got the inspiration to write this song while observing his mom care for their parents before they passed on.

Furthermore, he said that as a pastor and as one who has helped people through the pain of loss, a time usually comes that he becomes conscious of their absence.

Consequently, he noted that our comfort and faith must be gotten from the Father when we experience the loss of someone. According to Hall, we cannot get comfort from this world because we will experience situations that will make us understand this fact.

‘’They are with Jesus. They are being held by the hands that bear the only ‘Scars in Heaven,'” he concluded.

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