Global Evangelist, Luis Palau, Dies at 86

International evangelist, Luis Palau, has died. He passed on in his home in Portland, Oregon at the age of 86 on Thursday, March 11. His death was announced by his family.

“It is with a mixture of sadness and joy that we share with you that Dad passed away early this morning. He died suddenly and very peacefully, just as he had hoped. This is hard news, but Luis is experiencing the beauty of the Lord face to face,” Kevin Palau wrote on social media.

Palau was born in Argentina and in the course of doing the Lord’s work, he worked with Billy Graham. He started out as an unknown preacher before he worked diligently to be among the best-known global gospel preachers of all time. According to ABC News, during his over 50 year ministry, Palau wrote 50 books and preached to 30 million persons across 75 countries.

In January 2018, he announced that he had been diagnosed with terminal lung cancer.

“In many ways, I feel the Lord has much more in store for me. Yet whatever tomorrow holds — I’m completely at peace. Both Patricia and I are. As we look back, we praise the Lord. Fifty-seven years of marriage. How many places we’ve been. How many people we’ve reached with the Gospel,” he wrote to his followers after the diagnosis.

The revered preacher interned with Graham in 1962 during a crusade in Fresno, California. Also, he worked as the Spanish-language interpreter for Graham at crusades in South and Central America. Graham was Palau’s mentor and role model.

In the 1970s, Palau started an international Spanish-language radio program in Colombia called “Luis Palau Responde”. Throughout this period, he did his preaching in Latin American.

Even as a U.S. citizen, Palau expanded his reach by ministering in different countries. His ministry, Luis Palau Association, was incorporated in 1978. His works spoke for him and his family and followers affirmed that he will be truly missed.

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