Ravi Zacharias Ministry Set To Focus More on Supporting Evangelism and Abuse Victims


The management of Ravi Zacharias International Ministry (RZIM) has made public its intentions to place more focus on supporting evangelism and abuse victims. However, there are plans to relieve more than half of its staff. 

On Wednesday, March 10, the CEO of RZIM, Sarah Davis, told the staff that the organization will not be able to function in its present state.  Consequently, she does not believe it is right to simply rename the organization and continue with its former activities, Religion News Service reported.

RZIM was founded by the late father of Sarah Davis who died of cancer in May 2020. She informed her staff that since findings from an investigation of misbehavior involving Ravi Zacharias was released, the ministry lost major financial support.

According to the investigation, reliable evidence of a long term abusive behavior by Zacharias was discovered. The release of the investigations made RZIM’s board members to halt the acceptance of donations. 

In addition, the ministry announced plans to transit from having an international team of evangelists to becoming a grant-making organization, which will support both evangelism and “the prevention of and caring for victims of sexual abuse.”

Furthermore, RZIM, decided to lay off about 60% of its staff internationally due to the reduction of donations. This decision will take effect immediately.

“Those of you affected by this will be offered the same financial consideration as those who participated in the voluntary redundancy in recent weeks. 

"No employee will be asked to sign an NDA, and we encourage any of you to reach out to Guidepost with any information you may have that may be helpful in the review, regardless of your status with RZIM in the coming weeks,” Davis told her staff.

Previously, RZIM had announced that there will be a change in the organization’s name. Also, contact information that victims of abuse can use to tell their experiences will also be published. 

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