DeVon Franklin set to turn Cory Asbury’s hit song ‘’Reckless Love’’ into a movie

Reckless Love, the hit song of gospel artist, Cory Asbury, is set to be turned into a feature film by author, pastor and producer, DeVon Franklin. The hit song which was released in 2018 topped the Billboard charts for weeks. More so, it was on the lips of Christians who used the song to worship God.

Reckless Love, as a movie, tells the story of a strained relationship between Asbury and his father and how that impacted his view of God. However, the gospel artist was skeptical about turning his song into a movie when Franklin first told him about the idea. In addition, he did not want to take advantage of the success of the song.

In his words; "When DeVon called me in the summer of 2018 to discuss the possibility of making a Reckless Love movie, I had every intention of telling him, 'Thanks, but no thanks. If you know me, you know how highly I value authenticity and realness. So, taking advantage of the success of a song God had freely given me felt a bit exploitative." 

Also, the gospel singer stated that he was apprehensive about the movie because of the effect it may possibly have on his father. He said:

"I wanted to protect and preserve its purity at all costs, which in my mind, meant NOT 'selling out' to cool opportunities that came my way. I was also mindful of the fragility of my relationship with my dad (upon which parts of the initial story were predicated) & I didn't want to expose him (or myself) in an untimely manner."

The date the movie would be released has not been disclosed. Franklin has produced some faith-based movies in the past years. They include Breakthrough, The Star (an animated holiday film), and Miracles from Heaven.

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