San Jose Pastor determined to "follow God" after court fines him $55,000

A church in San Jose and its pastor, Mike McClure, has been fined for violating the order that placed a restriction on the number of indoor gatherings due to COVID-19. The fine of $55,000 was placed by a California judge on Wednesday, December 9, 2020.

According to the court judge, Peter Kirwan, San Jose's Calvary Chapel and its pastor, Mike McClure, had violated the court order of November 2 that required the church to follow certain health restrictions, Knoxville News-Sentinel reported.

The restrictions states that the church's attendance should be placed at 25 percent capacity or 100 individuals. In addition to the rules, there is also a law that face masks should be worn as social distancing should be maintained. More so, only outdoor services are permitted.

The judge said: "Even if you disagree with those opinions, these orders do have a purpose. You cant just ignore those rules and regulations nor can you ignore a court order just because you disagree with them. The churchs attorneys previously called the restrictions "unreasonable."

Meanwhile, the church attorney, Mariah Gondeiro stated that the church fits 1,900 people and the country makes it seem like these church services are crowded. However, they are not crowded. In her words:

"They can fit 1,900 people, 600 people attend there's plenty of room for 600 people to attend and stay an adequate distance apart."

Furthermore, McClure said on Wednesday that the church wont stop holding services because that would amount to following the word of man. He is not out for such and he will only follow Gods word. In one of his sermons in November, McClure said;

"There are people that are accusing us that we're trying to kill people that we don't care about people [but] ... that's the farthest thing from the truth. The church, throughout the history of America, has started most (sic) all the hospitals. The church cares about the whole body. I don't want to break the law, but ... I'm called to preach the gospel."

He continued: "... They want to negotiate, and I told them I don't want to negotiate until you give us some numbers to prove that you really care about people's health. ... What's the suicide rate? How many people are on medication because of anxiety and depression because of the lockdowns that they're forcing? So that's my question to them and I hope they give those answers."

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