5 Important points to note this Christmas

December is here again -the last month in the year and the month of celebration. There were many events that characterized this year. Covid-19 pandemic was one of the events that crippled many businesses and shortchanged many persons of their source of livelihood. Despite the many challenges that travailed this year, there is always a reason to be thankful. For the fact that you are still alive means that there is hope for better things to come. 

In this article, I shall be espousing 5 important points to note this Christmas.

1. Be thankful
This year may not be what many persons planned for. Nevertheless, it does not take away the fact that we all have to be grateful for the benefits we got. Divine health, peace of mind, joy, laughter, and the gift of family and friends are what many persons take for granted. Perhaps, they feel it is a part of our existence and hence, there should not be any form of special appreciation for them.

Many persons place more value on material things and forget some things, although look simple, however, they are greater than material possessions. It is often said that when there is life, there is hope. In this festive period, we all have to be thankful. When we are thankful, we open more doors to God’s goodness and blessings.

2. Be content:
Christmas is a period many persons use to ‘’show off’’. While some persons are showing off their new clothes and shoes, another group is focused on disclosing the presents they got during the festive period. If you do not belong to any of this group, it is not a cause for alarm. Whatever you have, be content with it. If you cannot afford new items in your home, you can always do with what you have as you work towards getting new ones. 

Do not allow pressure of what others have to push you into getting what you cannot afford with dubious means. Appreciate the little you have and fashion out ways you can make the best out of them. When you are not content, you can become restless unnecessarily. And in the process, you could push yourself into doing things that will hurt you in the long run. 1 Timothy 6:6 taught us that godliness with contentment is great gain. Let this portion of the Bible be your mantra as you plan towards this Christmas.

3. Be disciplined with your spending:
There are many persons who are all out to impress others. They do not have as much they desire. However, they are eager to portray that feeling of wealth and affluence. In a bid to live a life one can barely afford, many persons have gone bankrupt. Their inability to come out from insufficiency and lack has led them into depression and suicide, in some cases. 

In this festive period, spend according to what you can afford. Do not allow what people say to disturb you. It is no news that many persons weigh the value and worth of humans according to their financial capabilities. Nevertheless, this stereotype should never get to you when you know what you want from life. Life is filled with many intricacies. Do not be surprised if the people who push you into extravagant spending leave you when you need them the most. Be wise in your spending. Celebrating Christmas is not a do-or-die affair. Be wise!

4. Celebrate still, and give cheerfully:
Christmas is a period people of various tribes and cultures come together to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. December 25th is the day Christians set aside to mark the One who was born to liberate mankind with his death. Jesus Christ is the hope many persons have and the reason they are still persevering. Do you feel there is no reason to celebrate? Think of God’s faithfulness and how far you have come in life.

Do you think life is unfair and you prefer to be sober than celebrate? Never give up! God is still making vessels unto honor. He is still making a way for many persons who feel downtrodden. The road might have been rough, but it is not a reason for you to seclude yourself from the worldwide celebrations. God is faithful and we should be glad for that. In addition, do not forget to give to those who do not have. Share what you can and do not overstretch yourself if you cannot.

5. Plan ahead:
Even as you plan for Christmas, be conscious of the New Year. Map out your plan and decide ways you would use to actualize your plan. What goals have you set out to achieve next year? Do not allow the setbacks of this year to discourage you from making greater plans. There is always a reward for hard work, consistency, faith, and perseverance. 

Have faith in your abilities. More so, remain prayerful. If you do not give up on yourself, be rest assured that God will not give up on you. Mark 11:24 says, ‘’Therefore I say unto you, what things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.’’ No matter the challenges you face in life’s journey, a time would come the universe will bow to your needs.   

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