CBN’s Superbook outreach makes remarkable donations in South Africa

CBN's Superbook outreach in South Africa, in its bid to touch lives positively and support children across the country has made a remarkable donation recently.

The donation was made possible through one of its partners. Beneficiaries of the donation were young children in the pediatric wing of Victoria Hospital in Cape Town, South Africa. The children got Superbook gift bags from the CBN partners. 

Superbook Mzansi wrote on November 23, 2020, on Facebook, about the donations received some months ago.

"A few months ago, we received a generous donation of toys and teddy bears. The moment we saw these we thought of creating a Superbook goodie bag. We contacted the nearest children's hospital ward - Victoria Hospital. They were more than happy to receive the packs and get a visit from the Superbook team!"

In its plan to distribute the Superbook bags, the team sought for special permission from Victoria Hospital. In the course of the distribution, CBN South Africa Director Ian Walton said, "giving children Superbook is one way we get to play our part in building and anchoring the faith of the next generation."

The aim of CBN ministry is to provide children all over Africa with an ‘’exciting experience when they have access to the Bible.’’

The team also added. "It has been a dream of our Superbook team to minister to children in hospital. It is a great opportunity to reach out and put the gospel in the hands of vulnerable children. We know that opportunities such as this one are bursting with miracles and hope."

About CBN Ministry
Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) ministries is a nonprofit ministry demonstrating the love of God and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ through media evangelism and humanitarian aid. So far, its outreach has gotten to159 countries in 70 languages. More so, its impact stands at 59 years of reaching out to the world with integrity.

According to CBN, its partners provided:
  1. Distribution of 29 million total pounds of food and supplies to hungry Americans in need.
  2. Help and supplies to victims of four disasters here in America.
  3. Food, shelter, educational opportunities, job training, and Christian discipleship to ‘at risk children’ in over 60 countries through Orphan’s Promise.
  4. Clean water wells providing access to life-sustaining water.
  5. Medical treatment for sick and needy people around the world.
  6. Prayer- The CBN Prayer Centre completed over 1.9 million inbound calls and recorded over 14,000 professions of faith in Jesus.
There are various ways you can partner with CBN and help to change lives. They include:

1. Media evangelism and discipleship which involves:
a) TV and video outreach.
b) Digital outreach
c) Prayer ministry
d) News outreach
e) Children’s outreach

2. Humanitarian aid and relief which involves:
a) Medical outreach
b) Clean water ministry
c) Orphans and vulnerable children
d) Disaster relief
e) Life-changing surgeries
f) Job skills
g) Military family support
h) Human trafficking
I) Watch stories and testimonies

In the words of CBN: ‘’With your generosity, these programs bring hope and relief to those in need, as an expression of God’s unfailing love.’’ 

Furthermore, it stated the benefits attached to being a partner with CBN as follows: ‘’CBN partners enjoy the satisfaction of knowing their gifts do so many things. Whether feeding the hungry, healing the sick, or broadcasting the Gospel, each gift changes lives here in America and around the world.’’

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