Tauren Wells gets two Grammy awards nominations

American foremost Christian musician, Tauren Wells, has been nominated for two Grammy awards in 2020. His latest album Citizen of Heaven was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Album while his song Famous For (I Believe) was nominated for Best Contemporary Christian Song/Performance. It will be recalled that Wells recently won the contemporary Christian artist of the year and pop/contemporary album of the year at the Dove Awards.

In acknowledging his Grammy award nomination, Wells said that his success is a result of his upbringing in West Michigan. Although this will be his eighth career Grammy nomination, he said that he will continue to be humble. He stated that he never expected the nomination. It's not usual to create music that is accepted on this level. In fact, it is difficult. Hence, he is completely blown away.

The gospel act also talked about contracting COVID-19. However, he has recovered from it and came out of quarantine three days ago. He has been wearing a positive demeanor and did not exhibit any signs of a person dealing with an illness.

Wells did not get his fame overnight. He started out from singing at the Potters House Church in Battle Creek. Also, he sang and mingled with a lot of other students at Battle Creek Central High School. However, what he did at an early age has blossomed into something big for him as an adult.

In his words, "The irony is everything that I got in trouble for doing in school, I now actually get paid to do."

As a professional recording artist, he has been recognized by the Recording Academy. He is grateful to God for how far he has come and to "good old fashioned grit."

"When you grow up in West Michigan, you just have blue-collar work ethic. And it is something that I think is significant to be noted about my family, how I grew up. Everyone really believed in hard work," Wells said.

The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected the music industry greatly. Since late March 2020, Wells said has not played in a show. He is also feeling for others who are going through tough times as a result of the pandemic. Likewise, he pleaded with people who have more to be of help to those who have less, especially as we head into the festive season. 

Furthermore, the prolific Christian musician has this to say to everyone.

"Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is the will of God concerning you. It sets us free from feeling like we have to be thankful for every circumstance, but it gives us freedom also to still be thankful in the midst of difficult circumstances," Well said.

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