11 Points to note before resigning from a church

The efforts in our work matter a lot. Wherever you work, endeavor to put in your best. There is always a reward for our efforts. It is paramount to note that the quality of our work may not always be greeted with the same measure of reward.

However, no matter how you were treated in your place of work, it is important that you resign peacefully. Even in ministry, it is important that pastors resign from their church without any issues with their spiritual father. The last sentence is the words of Bishop Irabor Wisdom of Answers Assembly, Warri, Delta State.

In the process of resignation, it is important that we resign honorably. Once in a while, challenges will come. Nevertheless, it is not an excuse to burn bridges. As a pastor working under a church, it is necessarily to observe every protocol before leaving. Members may be allowed to leave without any notice, but it is different for workers.

Bishop Irabor also gave tips on how to how to resign peacefully. 

1. Your boss should be the first person to know about your resignation:
When you make up your mind to resign, ensure that your boss does not hear it from another person. It is sheer respect to tell him first. 

Even if you try to hide the information from him, there are people that will still tell him. Hence, there is no need to create any hindrance in the relationship over the years.

2. Allow him to pray about it: 
Hearing from God is very important for Christians. Most times, pastors stand as mediators for their members. Although God has given everyone the opportunity to hear from Him directly, we cannot overrule the importance of spiritual fathers. Allow your spiritual father to pray about your resignation. More so, permit him to conclude on the issue before you go.

3. Do not leave in the middle of a problem:
Anger can make us take rash decisions. We have to be careful with the words we say when we are angry. It could make us to take decisions we would regret later. Do not leave your church because you are angry. It is not a wise decision. Two wrongs do not make a right. Ecclesiastes 10:4 was the reference scripture for this point.

4. Be sincere about your plans: 
Tell your spiritual leader the plans you have after you leave his church. Do not cook up lies because you are no longer part of the church. Be truthful with your words. 

5. Be ready to obey the exit rules: 
Do not leave the church without observing the rules for resigning. Every ministry has their rules and regulations and it also applies to when you want to leave. To avoid future issues and sustenance of peace, it is important to follow the rules.

6. Do not take any church property with you: 
It is stealing if you take the property of one church and give it to another. It is totally wrong. The cleric backed up this point with a reference from the Bible -Zachariah 5:3-4.

7. Do not leave without any notice: 
No matter how the church treated you, do not leave the church without notifying anyone. Leaving without notice will only be spoiling the good moments of the past.

8. Leave without grudges: 
Do not spread negative tales about your church in order to make yourself feel comfortable. Ensure to leave peacefully without any ill feelings. Ecclesiastes 10:20 was the focus scripture for this point.

9. Visit often even after you leave: 
This is a good way to keep in touch with the church. Endeavor to maintain your relationship with your spiritual leader. Also, visit him when he is less busy. This will gladden his heart.

10. Get the blessings of your spiritual father: 
Endeavor to get the blessings of your spiritual father before you leave. His blessings upon your life will enable you to get the much needed help. Do not underrate his blessings upon your life.

11. Speak good about your spiritual father always: 
Remember all the good things your spiritual father has done for you. Speak well of him and his ministry. Remember that whatever you sow, you shall reap. You can also give him gifts once in a while. This shows that you appreciate his efforts.

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