14 safety tips for #EndSARS protesters

Nigerians are still on the roads seeking justice for slain heroes who were murdered by men of the Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS), a department of the Nigerian Police Force. In multitudes, the youths are demanding an end to police harassment and brutality. 

The reasons for the protest have been stated to the government. More so, the people are not willing to back down till their demands are met. In the words of some of the protesters, this is an era where bad leadership will no longer be condoned. The bad leaders messed with the wrong generation.

The protesters have marched peacefully for almost two weeks now, seeking an end to police brutality. Even as the protesters are pressing their demands on the streets, there are protesters of social media who are igniting the fire of the protests. An end seems to be far the protests; the people are not willing to back down.

There have been cases of disruption of the process by security operatives. Thugs have also been deployed to disrupt the peace protests. Meanwhile, Feminist Coalition, one of coordinators of the protest has provided safety tips for the protesters as they march daily to demand an end to police brutality. Their hash tags have since include #EndSARS, #EndSWAT, #EndPoliceBrutality, #EndBadGovernanceinNigeria, among others.

These are the safety tips for protesters.
  1. Always stay hydrated.
  2. Have an inhaler, epipen, insulin, etc. (if needed).
  3. Try to find areas of shade periodically to avoid heat stroke or overheating.
  4. Have a protest buddy/group ad learn each other names. Never get separated.
  5. Have a form of ID on you always.
  6. Don’t put Vaseline, mineral oil, oil-based sunscreen, or moisturizers on skin as they can trap chemicals.
  7. Don’t wear contact lenses, which can trap irritating chemicals underneath.
  8. In the event that shooting occurs, flatten to the ground immediately and crawl out of the way instead of running.
  9. Watch for signs of physical and mental problems in yourself and others. Cool down others who exhibit panic behavior.
  10. Have a back up battery source. Charge your phone.
  11. Encript/remove or hide sensitive information on your devices.
  12. Have cash on you.
  13. Write an emergency contact number on your body.
  14. Share your location with a loved one while on protest grounds.
These tips will be helpful for protesters as they continue to demand an end to police brutality.

Christians support the #EndSARS protest

This protest is an eye opener for the nation. Nigerians are known to be peaceful people who tolerate harassment from public office holders. Previously, when some persons clamor for the people to fight for their rights, there is always a constraint – they hope for God to fight for them.

God is our present help in time of need. However, some persons have opined that faith without works is dead. Nigerians have been praying endlessly about the change they want in the country. The people are tired of bad leadership. Hence, these protests have been long awaited.

The people have been bullied for too long. More so, they are tired of being cowards. As Christians, they are tired of turning the other cheek. The harassment and innocent deaths are seeking for justice; the people can no longer tolerate it. 

Prayer Walks have been organized in various cities in the nation; Christians are praying that God would hear their heart cry and heal the land. Nevertheless, some persons are also taking it by force as they head to various government offices to demand that the government put an end to police brutality.

Obviously, the people are tired of being harassed in their country. The people cannot watch their young ones get killed by security operatives; it is an abomination to keep quiet and watch atrocities thrive.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi has lent his voice to the plight of Nigerians; he supports them in their protests. In a series of tweets, the renowned cleric has advised the government to meet the demands of the protesters.

In the same manner, Pastor Enoch Adeboye also condemned the incessant cases of police brutality. Gospel singer and pastor, Wale Adenuga also gave his experiences with SARS operatives. He also asked that the government reform the police even as he supports the nationwide demand for the end of SARS operations.

The people have held on to their faith; they have shown their works also. We hope that these protests will bring a positive change to the nation as a whole.

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