7 Observations from the #EndSARS protests

Nigerians are still on the streets protesting against police brutality and the need for the government to end the operations of Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS). Apparently, the people are tired of the endless oppression; they have been cowed for too long. Their rights have been impinged on for a long time. More so, they have been pushed to the wall and they are tired of being manipulated. Hence, the gathered the morale to speak up. 

The protesters are demanding that the government puts an end to police brutality. They will not back down until their demands are met. The government has stated that they have disbanded SARS; the name was also changed to Special Weapons and Tactics squad (SWAT). Nevertheless, the protesters are seeking justice for the lost souls.

In their protests, the youths affirm that they are not fraudsters; they are hardworking Nigerians who go all out to make a living for themselves despite the harsh economic situation. The country is doing little to ensure an enabling working condition for its members. But the youths are still doing their best to make a name for themselves.

The protests are presently in some states in the country. So far, it has been peaceful except for some cases that thugs were sent to disrupt the process. The Nigerian police have also been accused of disrupting the protest, especially in Surulere and Ogbomoso. Today, protesters were attacked at Alausa. Ikeja. However, they have been repelled.

The youths are not ready to back down anytime soon. Let it be said that in the year 2020, in October to be precise, the youths marched out in masse, protesting against police brutality and extortion. The people also reiterated the need for the government to #EndSARS, #EndSWAT, and put a law against #PoliceBrutality. 

Nigerian youths have woken up from their slumber. They have been overpowered by bad leadership for too long. In the midst of the protests, Nigerians have applauded themselves for behaving properly. Stereotypes which many persons felt were part of the average Nigerian youth have been quashed so far. In this article, I have outlined six observations from the protest from the protesters themselves.

1. Proper Coordination: 
The protests have been coordinated properly so far. The youths have behaved themselves greatly. Likewise, they have been peaceful as they demand that the government put an end to police brutality. 

2. Adequate Welfare: 
The youths have been fed daily since the beginning of the protests. There is also a variety of meals being provided for the protesters. The funds have been appropriately accounted for. This shows that the youths are accountable and ready for leadership.

3. Sanitation has been top-notch:
So far, the protesters have kept their environment clean after every protest. This shows that this generation is conscious of everything. They ensure that the environment is not littered with dirt.

4. Nigerian youths have integrity:
There have been countless cases of persons returning missing items no matter how expensive or cheap the items are. Properties are properly guarded for others irrespective of whether the owner asks them to do it or not.

5. Unity in diversity:
The protesters have been united in diversity. The protests have defied tribe, religion, and every form of differences among the people. People come out as one without segregation. These attitudes have been applauded by participants and observers of the protest so far.

6. Unlimited support:
The support from protests has been immense. Well meaning Nigerians have supported the protest with funds. Medical personnel have also been on ground helping with their services. Lawyers have also been helpful in handling the cases of arrested protesters. Food supplies have been unlimited too.

7. Friendship and entertainment:
In most of the protest venues, many persons have made friends. This gives them enough reasons to want to turn up the next day. It was been reported that many persons are going for the protests in order to find relationships. Entertainment has been top-notch so far as disc jockeys have been employed to play at the protest grounds.

The agitations are increasing as the people are focused on reinstating good leadership in the country with the protests. Beyond the call to end police brutality, the people are determined to end bad leadership in the country. They have faith that the country can become great again. The protest is expected to cause a significant change in the country.

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