Daddy Freeze Vs Nigerian Pastors: A Case Study on Emotional Outburst

There have been a media outrage in the past days. The reason was sparked by a viral video of the Senior Pastor of Salvation Ministries, Pastor David Ibiyeomie. In the video, the Port-Harcourt-based pastor was seen lambasting the person of popular broadcaster Daddy Freeze. Among the names the pastor called him included 'bastard', 'Somalian', 'a man who cannot keep his home', among others. This verbal outrage by the pastor caused varying reactions across social media. 

Pastor Ibiyeomie stated that he would not watch anyone insult Bishop David Oyedepo whom he considers a father, and he will be quiet. According to him, Bishop David Oyedepo may not say anything but he will speak up. He further stated that if Daddy Freeze has a father, he will not insult someone else's father. Besides, he will deal with anyone that speaks ill of his father. He further said that those who know Daddy Freeze should warn him.

In response to the video, Daddy Freeze made some clarifications which entails that he is not a Somalian. His father is Nigerian while his mother is Romanian. However, he has nothing against the Somalians. That notwithstanding, he would continue to speak the truth and voice out his opinions when necessary. Nevertheless, if anything should happen to him, the public should know whom to hold responsible.

Many persons have criticized the statement of Pastor Ibiyeomie. A school of thought believe that as a man of God, there are certain expectations of you. Hence, you have to live an exemplary life as a shepherd to a flock. Another school of thought praised the actions of the pastor against Daddy Freeze. This was because the later is known to always criticize pastors. Perhaps, he sees nothing good in them. Bishop David Oyedepo is mostly at the receiving end of criticisms from the broadcaster.

A video where the Daddy Freeze was seen using uncouth words against Bishop David Oyedepo also surfaced. He called the renowned preacher a bald-headed fowl and a legal bastard. This derogatory statements by Daddy Freeze made many persons to castigate him and call him to order. 

While some persons were trying to sit on the fence as they analysed the trending news, another group of persons were direct with condemning whom they felt was wrong. Daddy Freeze has come under the attacks of some pastors in Nigeria. 

Dr. Paul Enenche of Dunamis International Christian Center left no words unsaid as he lashed at the person of Daddy Freeze. He affirmed Pastor Ibiyeomie's statement that Daddy Freeze is a bastard. According to Dr. Enenche, it is only a bastard that behaves the way Daddy Freeze behaves. No man who has a father behaves the way he does. 

The Abuja-based pastor also stated that the broadcaster is a mad dog who has a bipolar disease. Furthermore, he listed the academic qualifications of Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church and Pastor Enoch Adeboye of The Redeemed Christian Church of God. 

Dr. Enenche dared Daddy Freeze to state his academic qualifications and also open his church and gather member to see if it is by mere blabbing a church is sustained. He also brought out some scriptural backings for his clap-back at Daddy Freeze's unending criticisms of Nigerian pastors.

Meanwhile, another pastor recently joined in condemning the actions of Daddy Freeze. Pastor Poju Oyemade is the Senior Pastor of Covenant Nation. According to Pastor Oyemade, silence is conceit. If they continue to keep mute and allow the broadcaster to continue to mock and ridicule pastors, it will seem that they are comfortable with it.

No one would watch and allow his father to be insulted; he has to speak up. Constant criticisms of Bishop Oyedepo is unacceptable especially when it comes with insults.

Pastor Oyemade also brought scriptural references to back his claim. He added that respect is a virtue that must be upheld by us. It is our culture to respect our elders. If those who find pleasure in being disrespectful are not corrected, they would continue to feel like they are right. 

However, Daddy Freeze has apologised for the insults he hurled on Bishop Oyedepo by calling him a bald-headed fowl and a legal bastard. He also promised to be more constructive with his criticisms henceforth.

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