3 Christians flee Iran in the Process of facing Persecution

While some countries have signed the bill to allow freedom of worship and religious gathering, other nations are doing otherwise. Iran is one nation that has banned Christians from preaching to Muslims. Despite this law, the followers of Jesus Christ have not relented in preaching the gospel.

However, those who are still dogged with their faith are presently being persecuted. Three Iranian Christian converts have fled the country. This was a result of a court rejection of their appeal as they have been sentenced to a combined 35 years in prison. Their faith is the reason for the persecution. A watchdog group which monitors Christian persecution in Iran has laid claim to this news.

It is definitely a tough time for Kvian Fallah-Mohammadi, Hadi Asgari, and Amin Afshar-Naderi. They are the three converts in Iran presently facing persecution for their faith. Their charges were related to a Christmas celebration which occurred in December 2014. This exhibition of their faith has warranted a combined 35 years in prison sentence. This news has been confirmed by United States-based International Christian Concern, an organization for Christians.

These men will definitely not be the first set of Christian converts to be persecuted. It will be recalled that two other Christians -a pastor and his wife also had the same fate after their appeals were rejected. This necessitated them to flee the country.

The International Christian Center noted that for five Christians to flee the country within weeks, it calls for concern. More so, these cases have been able to gather international attention. The persecution of Christians in Iran has also not gone unnoticed by the Christian community. It is worthy to note that these five cases have the same relationship- the Christmas celebration in 2014. Also, it is also obvious that Christian persecution is on the rise. 

According to the International Christian Centre, Iran has plans to chase Christians out of the country with force. However, for the Christians to be forced to leave their country because they converted from Islam, it is quite difficult and painful. This is a crossroad for Christians in Iran which is very vital to them. Besides, the persecution seems to be on the increase.

Article 18 is an Iranian human rights monitoring watchdog organization which has covered a series of Christian persecution in Iran. In fact, it did a report on the case of Pastor Victor Bet-Tamraz and his wife, Shamiram Isavi. Article 18 reported that the pastor and his wife fled the country because they refused to turn themselves in. If they had not fled, they would be facing a combined 15 years in prison.

They have appealed their prison sentences without success. Their sentence is in relation with their involvement in a house church and evangelism. The couples flee from Iran have also been confirmed by their daughter Dabrina Bet Tamraz. 

Their daughter has met with President Donald Trump last year to channel the course for her family members. However, she did not state where her parents fled to. According to her, they are doing well and equally safe where they are. Their present location was not made known to Article 18 when they interviewed her.

Dabrina Bet Tamraz stated that her parents are not ready to give up yet despite the fact that they are in their mid-60s. They would continue to fight the Iranian authorities in a legal battle. It is pertinent to note that Dabrina Tamraz left Iran in early 2010. More so, if the Iranian court reconsiders their decision, her parents would return to their home country.

This act by the Iranian government has been condemned by notable personalities and human rights activists. Vice President Mike Pence has also joined in the criticisms. The couples son, Ramiel, was a victim of the anti-Christian laws earlier in the year. This was after he regained his freedom as he was sentenced to four months in prison. The reason was his participation in house churches.

A global persecution watchdog organization, Open Doors USA, has placed Iran on the number nine spot of worst countries that persecute Christians. This ranking was done in its annual World Watch List. The ranking was necessitated as several house churches were raided and at least 169 Christians were arrested from November 1, 2018, to October 31, 2019.

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