Daddy Freeze apologises for calling Bishop David Oyedepo a "bald-headed fowl"

On Air Personality, Ifedayo Olarinde, aka Daddy Freeze, has tendered a public apology to Bishop David Oyedepo of Living Faith Church Worldwide aka Winners Chapel for referring to him as a "Bald-headed fowl" in a video.

Even though the video was done three years ago, it resurfaced online recently after the recent verbal assault by Pastor David Ibiyeomie senior pastor of Salvation Ministries on Daddy Freeze. 

The video also caused another man of God, Pastor Paul Enenche of Dunamis Church based in Abuja, to call on Daddy Freeze for disrespecting Bishop Oyedepo. He referred to Daddy Freeze as a 'mad dog with bipolar".

Pastor Poju Oyemade, senior pastor of Covenant Nation, stated that he was in support of Pastor David Ibiyeomie and Pastor Paul Eneche of rebuking Daddy Freeze.

This is what Daddy Freeze said in the apology video.

Hi guys, I'm Daddy Freeze convener of the free the sheeple movement and leader of the free nation in Christ.
"I greet you and I bring glad tidings my attention has been drawn to a video I released circa two years seven months ago while addressing some pertinent issues that arose back then. I apologize for the delivery of my message and for any insult to Bishop David Oyedepo in that video as i did not in any way intend to dishonor, disrespect or disregard the person of the bishop.

The perceived intention to the contrary is regretted my methods of addressing doctrinal issues have long since evolved to a more scriptural and less confrontational approach. I was and still am very passionate in my quest to address what I believe are unresolved doctrinal issues, however from a more amiable perspective.

I am of the firm belief that for faith to triumph we as Christian believers have to as a collective be open to absorbing new theological and doctrinal frames of reference as against the faith model subsumed in unchallengeable beliefs this I believe can be achieved in love for the furtherance of our faith.

So help me God."
Watch the apology video by Daddy Freeze below.

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