Biafra:The Igbos will lose if Nigeria secedes- Fr. Mbaka

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The controversial Enugu-based Catholic priest, Revd. Father Mbaka gave his views yesterday on the ongoing demand for the secession of south east Nigeria which is predominantly occupied by the Igbos from the rest of Nigeria.

He addressed the clamor for the Republic of Biafra while he was addressing a gathering of Igbos in East London. He said the Igbos should be the last persons seeking to leave the country, alluding to the fact that they Igbos had so much more to lose if the request were granted.

In his words:

“No Hausa person owns property in Igboland. No Yoruba person owns property in Igboland. But 60% of businesses in northern Nigeria are owned by Igbos. 40% of businesses in western Nigeria are owned by Igbos.”

He asserted that the Igbos have major investments in other parts of the country. He further explained that he has knowledge of these investments as a result of the regular invitation extended to him to come and give his blessings to new businesses opened by the Igbos, especially in northern Nigeria.

Fr, Mbaka also opined that there
wasn’t any solid basis for the allegation that Igbos were marginalized. He said that Igbos were well involved in government stating former president Goodluck Jonathan, an Igbo was finance minister, Central Bank governor.

This is in line with a previous statement he made where he said that there are ministers from all south-eastern states appointed as contained in the Constitution.

He further suggested that those Igbos that have been brainwashed into agitating for Biafra by Nnamdi Kanu, the chief agitator, and leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) are “the children of the poor”, who in his view, are not thinking properly about the implications of secession.

He shared his pessimism in the movement and its workability.

In his words, “If you think we have trouble in Nigeria now, we will see trouble in Nigeria. No Anambra man would let an Enugu man be president, no Imo man would let an Abakaliki man be president”.

Fr Mbaka has always been very vocal about politics and was known to have shown more preference for APC (All People’s Congress) party during the last election.

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