As we #PrayforHouston, Let Us Remember #Markurdiflood

Houston recently got hit by a huge hurricane - Hurricane Harvey, rendering so many people homeless and needy.

People around the world have shown their support in prayers and in cash but the big story over the weekend was the alleged refusal of the Lakewood Church in opening its doors to people.

Pastor Joel Osteen came under a lot of criticism on the social media after people alleged that there wasn’t any sufficient reason why the mega Church shouldn’t open its doors to the public.

Despite this, there have been many commendable acts of humanity and people going far and beyond to help others in need.

Above is a picture of a local pastor trying to make sure no one is stuck in their cars.

Natural disasters cannot be avoided in most cases and no amount of preparation is sufficient enough.

At home, in Nigeria, Makurdi is also experiencing a bad case of flood that has left many people displaced.

There are many ways you can help. There are a lot of online campaigns for money. You can reach out to one of the confirmed links to see how you can help.

Our prayers are with the thousands of displaced families.

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