Pharrell Williams Shared His Believe on the Power in the name of God & the Universe

Lately, Pharrell Williams sat down with Gospel music star Kirk Franklin and radio DJ Scott Vener on the Beats 1 radio show to discuss religion and the crossover between Christian and secular music. He said he believes there is power in the name of God because he has personally experienced and seen it himself.

He said: "I don't think the church gives enough credence to science". "There are departments in your brain for everything that you think. All of your thoughts come from your brain, that tissue, that muscle ... and there's a part where it falls under religion. And there are certain people that just don't have that." However, instead of giving up on such people, Pharrell recommended using alternative methods to get them to read the scripture.

He shared his thought on how it would be a great idea for people to worship the universe. He clarified that he did not seek to disrespect God or the Bible. He says he made that suggestion because there are some people who simply cannot process religion.

A cool way to bring people together is to say, 'Look, you don't have to look at it in a faithful or religious way. Read it as a text," he says. "Replace the word God with 'the universe' and it starts making more sense to you." Now, I know that there's power in that word [God]. I've experienced it. I've seen it.

But everyone has their journey, and not everyone is going to believe.

"I think that the easiest way for us to get to know each other is to share each other's beliefs and our differences and get to know them and understand them," he adds.

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