Five Christian Detainees have been released in China ahead of G20 summit

Ji Qingcao, Ji Qingcou, Ou Jinsi, Mei Xueshun, and He Lijing, have been released after four months in prison. The detainees are all members of Yazhong Church in Wenzhou, who were arrested in April on charges of "obstructing government administration" and "disturbing public order". 

A Wenzhou Christian told a reporter that he feels the government is trying to pacify the people before the summit meeting. The annual G20 summit meeting will hold in Hangzhou, Zhejiang on September 4th-5th and world leaders are expected at the summit including President Obama to discuss the key issues of global economy. 

Zhejiang authorities have reportedly been preparing for this meeting as early as February, through close monitoring of hotels, restaurants, churches, temples, and a crackdown on house churches unapproved by the government. Some churches were raided and forbidden from meeting again.

China Aid President, Bob Fu has urged the U.S. leaders to use the upcoming G20 summit to urge Chinese leaders to release those imprisoned and end persecution against Christians across the country.

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