T.D Jakes' daughter, Sarah, celebrates his birthday

Sarah Jakes Roberts, a pastor and the daughter of Bishop T.D Jakes, is celebrating the birthday of her father, who clocked 67 years on June 9.

T.D. Jakes is the head pastor of The Potter’s House, a mega church in the United States. Sarah described her father as brave, intelligent, and a shepherd, among other accolades.

Sarah wrote on social media, “Him. To the world, you may be a figure, an icon, an answered prayer, a shepherd through every season, an innovator, etc.

“But when I was a child, you were just my dad. Sometimes, I wished they could see that. The best parts of you weren’t the parts we shared with the world. The best parts of you were displayed when we gathered in the kitchen, watched you at the table, piled up in your room, and competed with family recipes.

“The older I grew, the more I saw what they saw. Your bravery, intelligence, trailblazing, and anointing are on full display. I marvel at the courage and resilience required to be you. I hope that strength is etched somewhere in my DNA. Watching you dare to be you has permitted me to be me.

“I’m praying that this next year of your life overwhelms you with giddiness and joy. I hope a divine peace will rest on you and restore you in ways you didn’t even know you needed. May you lack in no area and every dream in your heart becomes something you treasure in your hand.
Happy birthday, Daddy! I love you.”
Her father responded, “My baby girl has become a strong woman of excellence and anointing. Thank you for your service, sacrifice and love! We are richly blessed to know that my legacy rest on strong shoulders! Love ya like a fat kid loves cake!”
Her followers online also celebrated her father. Check out a few of their comments below:
@lilylightss: “The way you use your words to affirm the people you love is so beautiful.”
@tse180tse: “Very well said. Happy birthday, Bishop. Your voice, your sermons, and your conferences helped me through many difficult times. I may never be able to hug your neck but your reward is in Heaven.”

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