Steve Crown celebrates 1 million Facebook followers

Gospel singer, Steve Crown, is basking in the euphoria of having one million followers on Facebook.

The “You Are Great” crooner wrote on the social media platform, “I’m so humbled. Our Facebook family has increased greatly. Much gratitude to you for being so supportive. Another milestone was achieved; thank you! One million Facebook family!

"It's all because you consistently engage with our content and invite your friends and family to follow us and do the same. Congratulations to us all. Let’s keep the fire burning. God bless you. I love you, my friends.”

His fans were also excited for him as he announced his social media achievement.

A fan, Cedar Official, wrote, “A big congratulations to you, sir. One million souls to lead to Heaven. I pray for many stars in your crown in Jesus' name.

Also, Bitrus Goodness wrote, “Congratulations, your persistence in serving God paved the way for you. Pray more to celebrate.”

IamDavid BI said, “Congrats bros, this is a great milestone covered more wins to you, sir.”

In another post, he advised Christians on what they allow into their lives through their eyes and ears. In his words, “Dear believer. Be particular about what you let your eyes, ears, mind, and body feast on. Because it’s what we pour in that ultimately pours out.

“We are the primary gatekeeper for what passes through our eyes and ears. Exercise discernment regarding what you let in and what you let have power over you.”

His followers agreed with him and shared their thoughts on the issue.

Abigail Osah commented, “Perfectly said Minster. This is wisdom speaking. Thanks so much God bless you, we are so grateful fire.”

Olajumoke Ogun, “True. Many people don't know this. But it's true. May God help us.”

Jadhiel Jones, “So powerful.  It is really helpful that the words that God sent will never go back void without accomplishing that which is sent for.”

Josiah Nathaniel, “Thanks for this sir. As a believer that we are, we need to hold our faith and put our trust in God despite the situation that is rocking our way.”

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