US pastor murdered by man he allowed to live at church

(Late Pastor Lenoir)

A pastor based in Florida, United States of America, Antwane Lenoir of the Westview Baptist Church, has been killed by a man he permitted to live at the church. The suspect James Dawkins stabbed the 41-year-old pastor multiple times after an argument allegedly broke out between them.

Before his passing, Lenoir led the church for 15 years. While reporting the sad incident, CBN News Miami stated that the Miami-Dade Fire Rescue found the pastor’s body with several stab wounds in his neck.

The 44-year-old suspect got into an argument with the pastor after the latter had called a locksmith to change some of the door locks of the church.

Dawkins' stay in the church was temporary. When he had an altercation with the pastor, and he stabbed him multiple times, he fled the scene of the incident. He was apprehended by the authorities the next day and taken into custody.

Consequently, he is facing a first-degree murder charge. While he was being questioned by the police, Dawkins made a self-serving statement aimed at not being consistent with the evidence obtained throughout the investigation.

The widow of the late pastor Bree Lenoir, with whom they had four children together and were married for 20 years, opened up to CBS News Miami on how she felt losing her spouse. She also described him as a good example of a selfless individual and one who is always filled with joy.

In her words: “He (her late husband) was a very good example of a selfless individual, a joy-filled person. He always smiled, even if things were looking kind of grim or dreary, you wouldn't know it by his countenance. His life is not when it ends. It's not even about when it started. It's about what he did in between to make his life count.”

She added that she was thankful to her community for assisting her and her family in this moment of grief. According to her, it has helped her to be strong.

Besides, her children have to accept things the way they are as they are now left with fond memories of their father. She said: “They (her children) remember their dad as the guy that when he comes, he'll play games with them, he'll, you know, text in the house when he was funny about texting in the house.”

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