Mike Bamiloye extols Adeboye and Kumuyi

Veteran Christian filmmaker Mike Bamiloye has spoken about how renowned preachers Pastor Enoch Adeboye of the Redeemed Christian Church of God and Pastor William Kumuyi of the Deeper Life Bible Church inspire him.

In a lengthy post on Facebook on Tuesday, April 9, Bamiloye praised both Adeboye and Kumuyi for their evangelical works, noting that they motivate him to keep doing the Lord’s work.

He said: “My fathers, my fathers. One is 82, the other is 82 with a few months older. They both still hold crusades, harvesting Souls for Christ at 82! They are both still not tired of preaching the gospel and raising an army of preachers and pastors.”

“They are not retiring yet from the mission fields of evangelical exploits. Ah! When I look at these giants of faith of our time, and I look at myself now at 64, I am motivated to keep running the Race without looking left or right.

“I am motivated to hold on to faith and pursue my calling and visions. I will not be tired of the heavenly race. At 82, crossing from towns to cities to mount rostrums and preach the gospel.

“Ah-a! What a strength! My fathers, my father! You are just 82! All your visions you will fulfill before you go! My father Adeboye said God has shown him his house in heaven, somebody was making jest of him and ridiculing him, saying he was telling lies! I seriously pity you! May I break your heart more that many children of God have had the privilege of having a glimpse of their houses in heaven? Do you think it is strange to the children of the kingdom if Baba said God has shown him his house in heaven? It is you that counts it as strange, not us.”

Bamiloye, who is the president of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, also tackled trolls on social media who speak ill about fathers of faith.

He continued: “The devil has given some people the works and assignment of cyber-bullying and abusing these fathers of faith. Continue, for everyone shall render an account of his works before the Lord. The world is rounding up!

“Too many signs indicating that everything is wrapping up and a new world is about to show up. Jesus Christ is coming soon and all signs are pointing to the imminent strange occurrence that would strike the whole world soon! Children of God, sit up and get serious with your God and His work. Don’t join the World to attack the few laborers on the field of missions.

“My fathers, my fathers! May the Lord God who helped you this far, help me to go far. May the Lord God who helped your humility, help me also to live my life in humility! May the Lord God who established you in His Plan and Purpose establish me too.”

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