RCCG establishes 'Jesus market' for its members

The Redeemed Christian Church of God, Youth Province 9 Headquarters (Palace of Praise) in Ado Ekiti, Ekiti State has established a means for its members to get goods at subsidized rates.

The initiative has been tagged ‘Jesus Market’ and it will be held twice or thrice yearly.

According to the pastor in charge of the church, Pastor Anthony Obinna-Ibe, the market is an effort to help its members to sustain themselves in the harsh economy.

The church released a statement acknowledging the words of the Pastor Obinna-Ibe saying: “Things are quite challenging; people don’t have enough money to feed and clothe themselves. We decided to do what we call the Christian Social Responsibility to give back to the people.

“People out there in society who are well-to-do should please remember the poor, remember those who may not have enough to eat because there are several people who are hungry. This is the time to also remember them. Like this time, Easter, is all about sacrifice.”

The cleric further used Jesus as an example in explaining the aim of the church’s initiative. He said: “Just like in the Bible, Jesus Christ did not just feed the people with the word of God, he also gave them bread and fish. We decided that let’s help the people so that the hunger in the land will minimise and we could assist where we can, particularly this period.

“Why we decided to add a little price is that people can have a sense of responsibility. A separate account is being opened where people can donate and pay a little money. It is something we will do continuously.

“I personally had to get some money, get some clothes that I have used and some that I have not even used. I gave it out so that people may have something to wear. It is something that we will be doing constantly. Maybe, two or three times in a year.”

Also, the Assistant Pastor and Provincial Elder of the church, Pastor Fola Richie-Adewusi, said the initiative would help to sustain people and help them in these trying times.

She added: “The response from the people showed that they appreciated that gesture. They see it as something supportive for them to eat.”

The religious leader also requested that the government should make effort to help the people.

In her words: “We have heard about the government giving palliatives through the state government or through the National Assembly for them to take it to the grassroots so that they can support people at this period.

“The government, I believe, is doing something and I can only say they can do more. Well-meaning individuals should reach out to people around them. We can be our brothers and sisters’ keepers.”

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