Mike Bamiloye’s post on elderly woman singing to heaven stirs emotions

Christian filmmaker and the President of Mount Zion Faith Ministries, Mike Bamiloye, stirred emotions as he posted the video of a white elderly woman singing in her last moments on earth. He captioned the video on Instagram: “She was singing her way to Heaven. Singing to meet her Lord. Hallelujah!”

Several netizens were touched by the post and they shared their thoughts about it.

@smartphonephotographyboss: “This was how my dad passed too. He woke up, used the bathroom, did his devotion, prayed and said Jesus is here and that was it.”
@omolaraayoolapmhofficial: “Lord, please let my end please you. Let your grace see me home.”
@mj_surg_: “There is testimony about this video. It got so many million views. She held on to the promise God gave her even till death.”
@yinka.ajibade.378: “Hallelujah! Only those in Christ can comprehend Hallelujah, Hosanna in the highest”
@abrahamjennifer: “To indeed is Christ and to die is gain. My brother died at 37 from liver cancer and the day before he died, he said to me "I want to go and sit with my Father". Never seen someone die with such peace and joy. From that day, I knew death was not the end. May we not die untimely but most importantly live prepared. Jesus loves you.”
@tomiwa_samson: “May I finish well and strong by your mercies Dear Lord. May I hear "Welcome good and faithful servant" and not "depart you worker of iniquity" in Jesus name.”
@donmekux: “A pleasant ending and a new beginning with Christ!”
@jesus.duagter.566: “Father LORD help me and my household to the end.”

@yintos1427: “How my beloved dad sang his way to heaven last year at 67. A man after God’s heart exits this world gloriously.”
@olatyadekoya: "Glory to God!!!! We have a glorious home that transcends this present world!!! What a privilege to live and die in Christ.”

@tobi_adelusi: "Man’s greatest fear is not death (physical) but eternal separation from his saviour. The revelation of life in Christ takes away the fear of death. Hallelujah.”

@chris_deminister:.“A night before my mother died I was with her she lay down on her bed while her head on my knees, I fell in my heart to lead her to Christ, and after she confessed with me we started singing songs throughout the whole night till 4 am, and she died.”

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