Dunamis Church releases statement over member Dr Enenche accused of lying

Dunamis International Gospel Centre has released a statement regarding its member, Anyim Vera, who was accused of lying by its head pastor Dr Paul Enenche after she gave a testimony noting that she bagged a B.Sc in Law from the National Open University of Nigeria.

Enenche picked on the lady’s lack of eloquence while testifying on the altar, and asked her if that was how a graduate of Law speaks.

According to reports, she graduated from the school and pictures of her on her graduation robe flooded the internet. There was uproar from netizens who demanded an apology from the popular preacher.

The incident happened in the church on Sunday, April 14, and on Monday, April 15, the church reacted with a statement.

The statement read: “A scenario was created on Sunday the 14th of April of 2024 at the Glory Dome, the Global Headquarters of Dunamis International Gospel Centre, when Ms. Anyim Veronica Nnenna came out to testify of how God helped her graduate from the university, thus making her the first person to attain that feat in her family.

“These were the immediate triggers for the said scenario: First, listening to the testifier’s expressions as it borders on basic spoken English, conveys the impression that the minimum standard expectation of a graduate, especially a graduate of Law was not met.

“Second, stating that she studied Law for 10 years begged the question of what her degree actually was.

“Third, she was unable to state exactly what the correct degree was for Law which is LLB, rather she said it was a BSc in Law which is largely unknown as a Law degree in Nigeria and possibly globally.

“These prompted the Senior Pastor. Dr. Paul Enenche, to stop the testimony immediately as a product of a ‘lie.’ However, relief came when it was later confirmed that she had actually graduated from a university.

“It must be pointed out clearly here that embarrassing the testifier publicly with the attendant media frenzy was never intended; whatever happened was under the spur of the moment.”

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