'The Chosen' season 4 records huge success at the box office

The fourth season of the faith-based series ‘The Chosen'. which centers on the life of Jesus, has recorded notable success at the box office following its debut at the theatres this month.

It follows closely behind ‘Argylle’, a Universal Pictures/Apple Original Films collaboration. The series got a remarkable $6m last weekend, and it excludes the other financial gains it has made previously, according to Box Office Pro.

Overall, the series has reached more than 108 million viewers since its first season was released and has gotten over 500 million streams online.

The episodes of this fresh season have been broken into parts and they will be played in the theatres on different dates. The 1st to 3rd episodes were viewed on February 1 when the season debuted in the theatres.

The 4th to 6th seasons will be viewed on February 15 at the theatres, while episodes 7th - 8th will be shown on February 29. 

Directed by Dallas Jenkins and distributed by Lionsgate, the lead role of the series was played by Jonathan Roumie. Other cast members include Paras Patel, Shahar Isaac, and Elizabeth Tabish, among others.

In an earlier interview with The Christian Post, Jonathan Roumie spoke on the impact of the movie on his life. He said that the more he plays Jesus, the more he becomes eager to learn more about Him.

He continued, "I'm just a dude. I'm playing this role, and I have a deep devotion to Christ. I think letting people kind of see behind the curtain helps clarify that distinction and that separation, which hopefully will give people a better understanding of the challenges that I have."

Also, Dallas Jenkins revealed the influence producing a Christian series has on him. He said, “When you are tasked with portraying Jesus to the world in this medium, you better know him well. I have been a follower my whole life, but in the last five years, I’ve had to do a deep dive on the Gospels and the stories of Jesus.”

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