Canterbury Cathedral faces criticisms for organizing 'silent disco'

(Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby)

Criticisms have trailed the decision of Canterbury Cathedral in England to organize a '90s "silent disco" on its premises last Thursday and Friday (February 8 & 9). A petition has been signed by over 2,000 people in opposition to the event, and some cathedrals already have plans to organize such kinds of events soonest.

Some of the United Kingdom's best 90s DJs playing pop and commercial music were said to be part of the event. According to the event’s flyer, music from artists such as Eminem, the Backstreet Boys, Britney Spears, The Spice Girls, Oasis, Linkin Park, and more, were lined up for the event. 

On the cathedral’s website, it states that "90s Silent Disco in a historic cathedral like no other is coming to Canterbury for the first time." The website also revealed that the last Friday night event sold out at £25 per head.

According to the Premier, over 3,000 people were scheduled to attend the event, where alcohol was served in the building. Before the event was held, there was a petition against it which was signed by over 1,600 people. The number has increased since then.

As the disco event was being held last Thursday night at the premises, a prayer vigil was also held close to the exterior of the building.

The petition read, “Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, everyone likes a Silent Disco, but its place is in a nightclub, not in Canterbury CathedralThe most important Christian church in England.

"The site of the martyrdom and relics of Saint Thomas Becket. The repository for the mortal remains of kings, princes, and bishops. The destination of millions of pilgrims for centuries, past, present, and future. The inspiration for our greatest early work of literature. And most importantly, the epicenter of countless prayers and sacraments — the House of God. Do not profane this holy site of which you are custodian."

A concerned individual Cajetan Skowronski, organized the petition, and he emphasized Matthew 21:12-13 in the petition saying: "My house shall be called the house of prayer; but ye have made it a den of robbers.

"We the undersigned oppose all desecration of our historic holy places, and especially their use as nightclubs. Dear Anglican Deans, please stop the discos and make the Cathedrals houses of prayer once more.

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