RCCG City of David remembers Late Dr Herbert Wigwe at its 11th February Sunday Service

Late Dr. Herbert Wigwe

Pastor Idowu Iluyomade of RCCG City of David talked about the good works of late Dr Herbert Wigwe at its 8.a.m. Sunrise Service on the 11th of February 2024, a day after Dr. Wigwe passed away.

Dr Herbert Wigwe, a member of the parish, died in a helicopter crash along with his wife and son in the US. 

Pastor Iluyomade highlighted that Dr. Herbert Wigwe was a source of blessings to the church, embodying a life dedicated to service and generosity.

According to him, "when we were building makoko that school for the indigent people where we feed for free, we clothe them for free, we did it in partnership with Herbert Wigwe Foundation. t Cost a lot of money, the church and him..we built.. we equipped it and the church partnered with his foundation and if you know him, he adopts children, pay school fees on his own.. does great and mighty things. He has a heart for the things that matter unto God."

"Years ago when we had God's children great children or God's Talent good GGT again, we partnered with him. That thing cost him almost 500 million, it cost us maybe about 300 million. We did it together raising talents for years silently. He's been paying monthly salary to the classical choir. Nobody knows...singlehandedly sometimes he kits them. Christmas concerts he has sponsored it many times.

"Trinity Towers, he's the chairman of the finance committee. I remember the first time we had an event at Eko Atlantic... singlehandedly, he put a marquee there..spent his money.. we invited a lot of people and we're able to raise about 600 million at that event."

Late Dr Herbert Wigwe was a Nigerian banker and businessman. He was the group managing director and CEO of Access Holdings. Born 57 years ago, he was married to late Chizoba Wigwe and had 4 children. one of the children also died in the helicopter crash.

This is the full video of the church service. You can scroll to 1:43:00 to hear the pastor speak specifically about his good works.

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