London street preachers threatened by police, accused of law violation

(A street preacher in London)

Christian street preachers in London have been threatened with arrest over their decision to preach the word of God. British police had pushed their actions further by laying allegations of hate crimes and violations of anti-social behavior laws on them.

This is in accordance with the implementation of a Public Spaces Protection Order by the London Borough of Hillingdon. It is targeted at checking the activities in Uxbridge Town Centre, London.

According to a faith-based group, Christian Concern, Christian missionaries have been subjects of target by the Metropolitan Police, including Pastor Dwayne Lopez, who preached on Uxbridge High Street.

He, alongside the other preachers was questioned if he was aware of the restrictions placed on the region, and the incident was captioned in a video. It won’t be the first time that the police will be hostile to the Christians.

In an earlier report, the police had demanded that gospel singer, Harmonie London, stop singing ‘Amazing Grace’ on Oxford Street. Their reason was that Christian music was not allowed outside the church's surroundings. She had an exchange with the police which was recorded in a video.

The street preachers have been accused of hate crimes and possibly arrested by the police if they refused to tender their details including names and addresses.

According to the Metropolitan Police, they were investigating complaints by the public concerning homophobic comments and racism, and the preachers have been accused of these through their preaching. However, no one has been arrested so far.

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