'Bible in a Year with Jack Graham' tops Apple's podcast charts

(Jack Graham)

A faith-based podcast series ‘Bible in a Year with Jack Graham’ has climbed the No. 1 spot on Apple's charts for religious podcasts. This adds up as an accomplishment for Christian content despite the challenges in Bible knowledge facing the United States of America.

The series, which is on the Pray.com app, is produced in partnership with iHeartPodcasts, and it comprises the messages of Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Texas.

The podcast is aimed at giving life to the scriptures, drawing many to the knowledge of God’s word, and it is presently in its second season. It is created with cinematic storytelling, and enhanced by an original soundtrack performed by a 61-piece orchestra.

Speaking on his podcast, Graham said, “It’s been an honor and a joy to partner with the team at Pray.com in bringing this great project to life. There’s never been a more important time to spread the influence of God’s Word to our communities, our country and the world. We pray the ‘Bible in a Year’ podcast format invites people to engage with scripture in a new way, diving deeper into God’s character while journeying through the grand biblical narrative.”

Reflecting on the success of the podcast, Graham, who is also an author and host of PowerPoint Ministries, said his desire is for the gospel to get to one billion people through his platform.

The co-founder and head of strategic relationships at Pray.com, Matthew Potter, also spoke about the impact of the podcast.

"We are incredibly blessed and thrilled to advance our journey with Pastor Jack Graham at the helm of our unparalleled 'Bible in a Year' podcast. The Bible's profound and vast legacy demands the expertise and passion of a luminary like Dr. Graham.

“It's a privilege of the highest order to collaborate with him. Together, we're on a mission to transform lives through the podcast,’ empowering listeners to weave biblical wisdom into the fabric of their daily lives, fostering growth in faith and enlightenment," The Christian Post quoted Matthew as saying.

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