Megachurch pastor resigns over infidelity case

Following allegations of adultery, Pastor Corey Turner had relieved himself of the position of the global senior pastor of Neuma Church, Australia. He was said to have had an affair with a fellow female pastor in the church, Stacey Hilliar.

In his resignation statement, the preacher admitted that the relationship he had with his colleague was morally inappropriate.

He wrote on Facebook: "Out of sincere respect to those who have known me, trusted me, and have been connected in some way to my ministry as a Christian leader over the past 25 years, it's important that I publicly confess that the recent allegations toward me of my engagement in a morally inappropriate relationship is regrettably true.

"Towards the end of 2023, I didn't sufficiently guard my heart, reach out for help from trusted spiritual fathers, take decisive action or get the necessary rest I needed from the compounding levels of fatigue in my own soul.

"In a fog of deception that clouded my emotions and judgment I sinned and compromised my relationship with God, my marriage covenant, my character, and my calling to ministry. I have sinned against God, my family and the church and I am deeply sorry and repentant for my part in this and ask God and you for forgiveness."

Turner is married to Simone Turner and they are blessed with children. His wife also serves in the church, which has branches in the United States and Thailand.

The couple resigned from their roles in the church which was announced by the church’s board secretary, Jacomi Du Preez.

Speaking on the couple’s resignation, Du Preez said, “It has become apparent that their health and wellbeing is such that they are no longer able to function in these roles. We ask the church to pray for them and their families as they explore the next season of their life and ministry, and we thank them for their service to Neuma."

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