‘The Chosen’ producer Dallas Jenkins speaks on the series’ impact

(Image: Dallas Jenkins)

Popular TV series ‘The Chosen’ has gained global acclaim since it released its first season in 2017. Its fourth season will hit the theatres in February 1. Ahead of the series’ release in a few days, its producer Dallas Jenkins spoke to Dallas Morning News on how the series has impacted on his relationship with his faith.

He said, “When you are tasked with portraying Jesus to the world in this medium, you better know him really well. I have been a follower my whole life, but in the last five years, I’ve really had to do a deep dive on the Gospels and on the stories of Jesus.

“One thing that I have learnt that has impacted me specifically, and I’m hoping that is impacting people around the world is just how intimate Jesus is. When he was here on earth, whether he was healing someone, calling someone to follow Him or rebuking an individual, He spoke specifically to their heart’s need. He knew what they needed to hear or what they were resisting.

“We oftentimes think of Jesus speaking to thousands and having a message for everybody, and that happened too in the Gospels. But way more often, we see stories of individuals, and I think that’s true for us today. We, today, can have that personal relationship: God can speak to us today, specifically to our own heart and mind.”

The series started with crowdfunding as Jenkins did the production on his friend’s farm in Illinois, United States. It focused on the life of Jesus and has since raised over $40 million for the production of its first three seasons.

So far, it has gotten over 600 million episode views and it was described by The New York Times as a “hit with a Christian fan base that is breaking into the mainstream.” After its release in theatres, it will move to the series’ free app.

‘The Chosen’ held its first fan conference called Chosen Con in October 2023 in Dallas, United States. Jenkins revealed that he was initially skeptical about producing a Christian-themed movie when God spoke to him about making movies for Him and the church. However, he is overwhelmed with the success of the series over the years.

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