Fans awed at Victoria Orenze’s long natural hair

(Image credit: @victoriaorenze/Instagram)

Popular gospel singer Victoria Orenze has gotten her fans awed after she posted a video of herself vibing to one of her songs – Surely. She also showed off her beautiful long hair in the video as she smiled at intervals.

She captioned her video: “Surely, I believe that assuredly, without question, firmly, steadily, confidently, solidly, securely, unhesitatingly, unfalteringly, unswervingly, determinedly, doggedly, undoubtedly, goodness and mercy will follow us this week in the name of Jesus Christ!

“We either believe the word of the Lord or we struggle! Make the right choice this week. Draw from the well of salvation with joy. Flourish and blossom! We get backing. This woman is supernatural and beautiful. The hair is beautiful! It shrinks, that’s why I weave it almost all the time.”

Some of Victoria's songs include 'Spirit Chant', 'Gratitude', 'No Other God', 'See How Far', 'Anu Wamiri', among others.

 Fans praise Victoria Orenze’s hair

@kashyplans: “Beautiful hair. You don’t need fake hair, you are perfect.”

@seyismile: “Your hair is so beautiful mama.”

@i.vivian_: “This beauty can blind and open blind eyes at the same time. That hair!”

@wordrealmsinspo: “Why do you wear wigs? Your hair is so beautiful!”

@lionking3581: “Oh my God, you don’t need any wig. Look at all that hair”

@gathoni_sarafina: “Pastor Victoria, your hair is gorgeous.”

@allert.hadassah: “Amen! And I am sure your hair is still beautiful while it shrinks.”

@everpresh: “I had no clue your hair was this beautiful ma’am.”

@royal_tasteantreats: “I choose to believe the word of the Lord for my life. Plus you have beautiful hair like yourself.”

In a previous post on her Instagram page, the “I Get Backing” crooner spoke about an event she attended at Swansea Wales, United Kingdom.

She wrote, “Kairos moment! Jesus we are so humbled. So humbled! What is dead is coming back to life. The voice of the bridegroom and the bride rejoicing is coming back to Swansea Wales!

“The Bride will gravitate towards the bridegroom again. Swansea, your voice will be heard again for Jesus Christ. Jesus, only you and your spirit can do this. True believers all over the world rejoice! This is God.”


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