The West African Faith Believers' Convention 2023

The West African Faith Believer’s Convention (WAFBEC) is a DECADE! Yes, this annual convention that began in 2013 will have the tenth edition take place come January 2nd 2023. Hosted by The Covenant Nation it promises to deliver Word of Faith teaching as well as Holy Ghost sessions where people experience operations of the Holy Spirit.

There’s a scripture that states better is the end of a thing than the beginning (Ecclesiastes 7:8) and that is the case for the current form, format and way the conference has occurred over the past ten years. Whilst announcing the dates on the last night early this year, Pastor ‘Poju Oyemade informed the audience that WAFBEC will come to an end in 2023.

The 2023 theme is The Sound of Many Waters and will have teachers from all over Nigeria, as well as international ministers at the one-week camp meeting. Bishop Wale Oke, Dr. Mensa Otabil, Apostle Grace Lubega, Pastor Laurie Idahosa, Pastor Nkechi Ene, Pastor Muyiwa Areo, Pastor John Hannah, Dr. Bill Winston, Apostle Joshua Selman, Apostle Arome Osayi, Dr, David Ogbueli, Pastor Yemi Davids, Pastor Andy Osakwe will be some of the expected speakers.

Pastor ‘Poju is the senior pastor of the Covenant Nation and founder of WAFBEC. He gave us what to expect from 2024 with the evolution of this camp meeting that has come to mean so much to many around the world. “To expand the impact of WAFBEC through the Abrahamic mandate, so one member of every single family on this earth will be listening in and partaking to the grace that is released at WAFBEC in future.” It goes without saying that a name change is imminent so get ready for an unveiling sometime before the conference ends.

In terms of what attendees should look forward to at this edition, Pastor ‘Poju did not mince any words. “What to expect, solid teaching of God’s word, real solid teaching of God’s word. We’re going to have the 9 gifts of the Holy Spirit in manifestation.” So, people should come expectant, ready to receive and see the manifestation of answered prayers.

 See YOU at WAFBEC 2023…make sure you BRING SOMEONE.

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