WAFBEC 10th Anniversary Documentary Released By The Covenant Nation

 The Covenant Nation has released a documentary of the ten-year journey of the West African Faith Believers’ Convention from Tafawa Balewa Square, to the National Stadium and now at the Covenant Place at Iganmu. From the conception of how the name was coined during a chat with Rev Matt Beemer the former director of Rhema ministries in Nigeria and Pastor ‘Poju.

·         Evolved from a believer’s bible convention Pastor ‘Poju hosted on the University of Lagos campus.

·         It has hosted the fathers of faith from Tulsa and also in Nigeria.

·         It started in 2013 and the first edition was at TBS.

·         WAFBEC moved to Iganmu in 2015.


One of the first people that Pastor Poju discussed this conference with was Rev Emiko Amotsuka and he gave his wholehearted support. In his own words, “A novel idea that was divine and it has brought to Nigeria some of the very best voices, some of the very best teachers in the Word of faith community.” Rev Emiko has spoken at several editions and also been in attendance when he was not one of the speakers. As a minister that travelled to attend Kenneth Hagin camp meetings and other similar meetings like that, he saw the development as welcome. WAFBEC is a completely divine concept and is simply wonderful, wonderful.

Dr Yemi Osinaike was assigned to work on the project and ensure its delivery. Pastor Yemi was not a stranger to executing projects at Covenant Christian Centre as he was previously involved with the medical fair that was another regular programme organized by the church. I realized it was a realignment of what God would have me do at that time. I was excited on one hand and filled with anxiety on the other hand, but by and large it was something I looked forward to from the very first edition.

Bishop Wale Oke has not missed any edition of this meeting and is one of the events he anticipates every time. “Coming to WAFBEC for the past ten years has been a privilege, an honour and a blessing to me. Pastor ‘Poju is a man of vision, integrity, a man of prayer and a man of excellence…you see that dictates the tone of WAFBEC. So, when I come into the atmosphere of WAFBEC it’s all prayed up so it’s easy for the word of the Lord to come. It’s easy for the anointing to flow. It’s easy for the supernatural to happen, the people are very eager to receive the word of the Lord.”


Pastor ‘Poju also shared some learnings from a decade of organizing. Major lesson I’ve learned is that you’ve got to be kingdom minded. In the sense that you have to put aside your own personal emotions, your own ego you have to think in terms of the body of Christ. What is in the best interest of the body of Christ. There’s no way you won’t have to deal with managing people. You have to ask God for grace and wisdom, also you have to overlook slight offences that come in your interaction with people.

We look forward to the next chapter of this transformational meeting and thank God for what He has done in and through it in the past ten years and the new things that are about to commence.



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