Panam Percy Paul Drops Prophecy Album

Panam Percy Paul is synonymous with gospel music in Nigeria. His new album, Prophecy was released on December 26 and the seventeen tracks will no doubt top many playlists. I wish you luck choosing your favourite song, because this in no way be an easy task…don’t say I didn’t warn you. It’s been eight years since his last album, once again demonstrating the fact that it’s not about commerce. In his own words, “It’s a ministry from the Lord to myself and the people.”  

In a recent chat shared on his IG page (@panampercypaul) he confessed he’s been working on four albums simultaneously, but needed to get this out. It’s prophetic and is about the next phase of the church and the Nigerian nation. That’s why its title is prophecy. Interestingly only three out of the seventeen tracks are the actual prophecies shared. Kingdom United, Thieves, Robbers & Harlots and The Spell is Broken make for concentrated listening as their messages are clear and to the point. Dr Panam is also quick to say he’s not a prophet, but a messenger sharing what his father told him.

With 48 years in ministry, he confidently states, “This Album will birth manifestations of diverse prophecy in your life, in our nation and in the Church. This is the kind of Album that as you engage, manifestations will follow in diverse forms.”

At 8”34 seconds The Spell is Broken is the longest of the prophecies. It starts with a reference to the interaction between Balaam and Balak (Numbers 23:1-30&24:1-25). For those not familiar with the story, Balaam was a prophet that the king of Moab, Balak hired to place a curse on the nation of Israel. To find out what eventually happened I suggest you read the entire story for yourself.

“But there is yet one more blood, it is the blood of Jesus Christ. The only acceptable blood on the altar of the Most High. He speaks mercy for the oppressed, but judgment for the oppressor. This is the end of the wicked, those who ought to have died but by witchcraft have extended their lives shall no longer be sustained, their end has surely come. The land is free. Even the land shall vomit their corpses. The spell is broken and we are free. So, it is written and so it has been declared.”

Do listen and share this beautiful work from a living legend.

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