Glenn Beck Shares Horrifying Dream on Podcast

 A political pundit and conservative, Glenn Beck is a well known media personality. Some might call him controversial. Outspoken is another adjective that can be used to describe him and the American audience either loves or hates him, there is no in between. With those strong descriptors it was a surprise when he chose to share a dream he had on his podcast.

Confessing that he had been unable to forget the horrifying dream and with certain events over the past few months, he came to realise that he should tell the world and let them make of it what they would. The dream was vivid and focused on the American society. We’re not in a battle of politics. We’re not. Politics and our whole culture has become evil.

On his show Glenn has spoken about child sexualization, the controversial balnciaga campaign and the like. “I started talking about what the pedophilia stuff that is going around. Nobody will even say anything. The designer of this uses the hashtag #molech that is the god of child sacrifice! I never thought people…well I wrote the book Eye of Molech. I never thought the average person who is involved in all of this stuff even believed in any of that. But they are being put into situations where some leaders, and I’m not talking about political in this particular case I’m talking about that designer, I do believe that they know what they’re doing. And we are worshipping Molech. We are worshipping baal and they’re demanding our children as a sacrifice.

The talk show host continued along the same vein and unequivovally stated it was not about government, but that it was way bigger and time for people to make a choice on which side they were. This is a different time in human experience. This is not normal. None of this is normal. And it has been coming slowly in dribs and drabs but for those who are really paying attention it’s methodical and it is taking an extremely disturbing turn. We’re no longer talking about issues of tax policies, and how big the government should be, we’re not talking about those issues anymore. We’re talking about the erasing of the fundamental right for you to choose between good and evil. You’re being coerced right now to accept one side. That is taking away your freedom of choice. That is God given.

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