Gospel Singer Obiwon Releases New Song Conqueror

Gospel musician Obiora Obiwon has released a one-of-a-kind video for his latest single, Conqueror. The visuals for this upbeat soft rock infused song that soothes listeners tells a graphic story. The Christian life is by no means a walk in the park and the lyrics remind us that God does not, nor has ever expected us to attempt it alone.

Obiwon’s inspiration for the song was through a dream as he battled for his life on a hospital bed.  The musician had experienced a ruptured appendix and the song became a sign of his victory in the situation. “I fully recovered, went home and wrote this song over a period of time to capture the essence of my faith and the experience.” Conqueror is an interestingly pleasant infusion of Pop, Soul, Afro and HipHop.

The artist’s creativity can be seen in the flow of the lyrics, visuals and the creation of the costume itself as shared on his IG page. He is coming into his own and is now willing to take more risks to achieve this. Musically I’m coming from a place where I struggled with my creativity versus conformity in order to be accepted in certain circles. Creativity  won and I’m freely expressing the music I’ve been given as it comes, no holds barred. I’m glad to stand in that unique space that fully represents who I am – a sum of my influences, experiences and journey.

We look forward to savouring more good music from Obiwon in the days ahead.





You conquered death

Tore down gates of hell

Crushed chains and thrones you rescued me

You won for love you conquered me with love

I can live by the spirit of life in me

Spirit of life inside of me

Spirit that raised you from the dead

Quickening my mortal body


You won for me new life


In me your death has died

To live I live your victory by the power of life in me

More than conquerors


Inside your love




Your scars and stripes

Obtained the sacrifice

Laid down your life

The inspiration to the new

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