Actor, Neal McDonough, reveals plan for faith-based company

Neal McDonough

Actor, Neal McDonough, has spoken about his plans for his production company, which will be faith-based and concentrates on family-friendly content. McDonough Company, which was launched by the actor and his wife, Ruvé, is aimed at portraying their Christian values.

In an interview with CBN News, the actor said, "All our projects have a faith backdrop to it. We want to reach out to people who aren't just Christians. I've certainly done plenty enough where my characters don't portray the best things in life, but as an actor, one is part of a piece.

“My part of a piece was to be the dark side in a lot of things, which is really interesting because that's kind of the antithesis to what I am in real life. So it's a great challenge as an actor; it's a great challenge as a man. It's also a great challenge as a child of God to press on with the right material."

He also spoke about the support he is getting from other companies. He continued, "Now I have that opportunity because Ruve and I are doing it ourselves, and are so blessed to have companies that support us and back us and want to make more films and TV shows, or reality shows or any kind of show that gives glory to Him (God).

“Not just to make a movie, but to do a movie that actually gives Him glory — that's our goal. And that's what we're after, and we're very fortunate to be able to do it."

McDonough, who is a devout Catholic, has always spoken about his Christian faith. Although he has been through a lot of challenges, he is grateful for God’s blessings upon his life.

He said, "I have been working so much in the last several years, and I couldn't be more thankful. I thank God every day for all the blessings I'm given, even during challenging times.”

In this festive season, the actor recently hosted PBS' "Christmas with the Tabernacle Choir" and he speaks about what the show is about. He said, "This show is something that we are all so proud of. We can't wait for everyone to watch the show and take those messages home with them and celebrate Christmas the way it's supposed to be celebrated, with family and talking about the ultimate sacrifice of someone who gave Himself for us.”

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