Victoria Orenze Shares Warning From God

In a recorded message on her YouTube channel, the singer shared a message that she received from God. Once again,she reiterated how she was doing this in obedience to the instructions she had recently received. She thanked God for make-up that made it possible for her to still give the message despite an earlier bout of crying.

The Lord asked me to say these words to warn His people and to record it. What He said I should say I believe that two years ago or more He spoke along these lines. “Tell my people that the love of many will wax cold. For them to heighten their discernment. Heighten your discernment, because of the things you’re going to see. Many will say they don’t want to be in the faith anymore.” And this I pray, that your love may abound still more and more in real knowledge and all discernment, so that you may approve the things that are excellent, in order to be sincere and blameless until the day of Christ.  (Philippians 1:9-10)

These things are already happening and more is going to happen. Furthermore, He said it won’t be His fault and He won’t be responsible for that. Because He has already warned us in His word about the times, we’re in.  Because of the multiplication of wickedness, the love of many will grow cold. (Matthew 24:12)        

Another warning was against false teachers masquerading as the real deal. He says he’s warned us about false prophets, false teachers, false seers, men and women who claim to be called of God. He says He will still judge us if we lose our faith because of them. Because He has already warned us in His word, the Bible, that He will still judge us. Because if we’re reading the  Bible then we will not be surprised at these false men and women who claim to be of God. Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out in the world. But every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. (1 John 4:1)

He said we will hear many say this whole Jesus thing is a sham, it’s fake, it’s a fluke because men and women who claim to be of God will fall and because they hold them in high esteem. He said to warn this set of people and let them know that He won’t be responsible for them, because we didn’t read and follow the instructions in the bible. I pray that you don’t ignore these words because it will save and spare you.

Some of the other scripture references used to deliver this severe message include Hebrews 12:2, Matthew 7:15-20, 7:22-23.

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