Sex By Myself - A Discussion About Masturbation & Porn

It is no longer news that pornography is a billion-dollar industry. Neither is it news that many are addicted to porn. It is also common knowledge and widely accepted that masturbation is part of daily living. On the other hand an individual might be seen as abnormal if not consuming porn or pleasuring oneself. To many such a person certainly does not exist and categorized a liar if they say otherwise.

Pornography and masturbation have become mainstream and considered otherwise par for the course, despite the havoc these habits have wreaked. For the Baby Boomers and Generation X, porn was largely relegated to the top shelf in supermarkets and Play Boy magazines. This is no longer the case, with hard and soft porn now prevalent and accessible to all. I don’t believe that any demarcation still exists between the two either, as lines that were formerly blurred have disappeared altogether.

Emma, Deb, Ali and Jessica tackled this topic head on from the perspective of kingdoms. There are really two kingdoms perspective i.e. the kingdom of darkness and how it thinks and the kingdom of God and how it thinks. These are two completely different thought processes, two ways of approaching it. Both circle around completely different value systems. The church is largely silent about masturbation, pornography use and addiction and the concern now, is how to teach Christians the best way to deal with the situation as it exists. How can we teach them not to feel the temptation? How do we help those addicted to break the cycle and stop it?

As a Gen Z Jessica shared about how both men and women are now more body confident and comfortable ow more than ever, but in her view, it’s completely tipped over that boundary. Many now have the perspective of I can do it by myself, I know what’s best, I don’t need anyone, I love me as the most important premise by which they live. The entire concept love of self before others is a whole mindset that has completely distorted mindsets on sex, relationships, orgasms and what they all look like.

Sex By Myself is an episode that will aid genuine conversations about sex, sexual urges and how to address and act, or not on these based on principles found in the Word of God and His kingdom. Several comments on the video express how enlightening people have found it. Do watch and share.

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