Recent publication claims ex-Christians struggle with 'trauma' over End Times teaching


There have been several teachings on End Time but there hasn’t been a major focus on how people who no long identify as Christians feel with the news of the End Time.

In a recent article published on Cable News Network (CNN) on Tuesday, with the headline, “For some Christians, ‘rapture anxiety’ can take a lifetime to heal,” explains that the news of the return of Jesus Christ can cause anxiety for some Christians and non Christians.

According to the article, End Time was "recognized by some faith experts and mental health professionals as a type of religious trauma. Some Christians develop fears related to teachings of the rapture.”

The article also profiled two women which it claimed has suffered ‘rapture anxiety’. One of the women, April Ajoy, said that she remembers waking up one day as a teenager to discover that she missed the prophetic End Times event.

The article reads in part: “Ajoy’s mind began churning, trying to remember, trying to make plans. When was the last time she had sinned? Should she refusethe mark of the beast? At least, she thought, if she was put to the guillotine during the time of tribulation, it would be a quick death.”

CNN describes the End Time event as when “righteous Christians ascend into heaven, while the rest are left behind to suffer. However it happens, it is something to be both feared and welcomed, to be prayed about and prepared for every moment of a believer’s life."

The other woman who was profiled, Chelsea Wilson, who resides in Georgia, told the cable news outlet that she grew up in the Evangelical community and believed the End Times teaching was similar to a “scary campfire story.”

The article — which was not categorized as an opinion piece on CNN’s website — seems to take a swipe at Evangelical churches after it described rapture as a fringe teaching of “dispensational premillennialism.”

In addition, the article said that such teaching “is not prevalent in Catholic or mainline Protestant denominations like Episcopalianism or Presbyterianism, and is most commonly adhered to in Evangelical and fundamental churches.”

There have been several comments on the article. While some people said that the article is an exaggeration of what non Christians feels about End Time, others have said that the article is simply what is expected at the End Time.

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