How Missionary Doctors Show Love in Kenya

The Bible teaches Christians to be kind and show love at all times. This is one of the teachings that American missionary doctors and African medical personnel are doing in Kapsowar, a community in Kenya. Their purpose is to show love and compassion to those who need it.

CBN News spoke to some of the doctors. While explaining why he embarked on this kind gesture, a Kenyan surgeon, Dr Patricia Chesang, said, "Everything you do, you do it as unto the Lord, for God's glory.”

On his part, an American missionary surgeon, Dr Bill Rhodes said, “We fill very fortunate to be able to do what we do, there's nothing else we would rather do. It was not like it is now, it was so much more rustic and rural and isolated and difficult to reach.”

Bill was pursuing a master's degree in Biblical Hebrew in Jerusalem when he and his wife, Laura, picked up two Christian medical students hitchhiking through Israel.

Laura said, "The answer of one of those young medical students, whom we have never seen since, never even knew his name, changed the trajectory of our lives.

"One of them said, 'I would just like to see if I could alleviate a little bit of suffering in some small corner of the world someday in the name of Jesus.'"

The Rhodes family has been serving humanity for the past 16 years. Laura said, "Just because you decide to do something that you think will honor God or be pleasing to God or be helpful for moving the Kingdom of God forward, doesn't mean that you have a guaranteed easy path to get there. In fact, you should probably buckle-up tight, because it's probably going to be challenging."

She also spoke on what pushes her to do more compassionate works. She said, "When we see the staggering disparity in this world of the people who have and those on the other end who have not, the disparity is only growing wider and for all of our days, however many we have, we want to try and bring healing and wholeness."

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