Lifemark - Kirk Cameron Movie Inspired By Real Life Events

Life imitates art, we expect this and it’s quite common. What makes things pretty interesting is when art decides to imitate life! Kirk Cameron in his latest film Lifemark, was inspired by real life events and partnered with the Kendrick Brothers (Fireproof and War Room) to tell this story of love and reconciliation. Kirk saw a documentary about how David Scotton was reunited with his birth mother, Melissa Coles and called David to let him know that their story had become the seed for his next movie.

David’s reaction when he received a call that would change his life is best captured in his own words. “It was an overwhelming moment. I remember getting that first message, I was overwhelmed, there were a lot of emotions. I’m not an emotional guy, it was exciting but scary.” These were some of David’s feelings when his birth mother reached out to reconnect with him after 19 years. Being from a closely knit family he did not want them to feel replaced or that he was searching for something more. When he told his parents about it, their reaction was more than he could have asked for. “They were more excited than I was. They were very happy, they wanted to see Melissa and they really encouraged me. They were nothing but supportive and positive throughout the whole experience.

For Melissa, David had been a secret for nineteen years…even from her own parents. “When I was pregnant, nobody knew I was pregnant other than the birth father. Nobody. I carried him full term, all nine months. Delivered him and nobody knew!  Nobody.” She kept the fact that she had a child she had given up for adoption until she met her husband, Sean. He’s the only person that she ever shared her biggest secret with. Sean looked at me and said, “You have got to tell your Mom and Dad. You have got to tell Courtney (their daughter) and you have got to share this story somehow. This is too big for you to carry, that is so much weight for you to carry.” With Sean’s encouragement Melissa updated her details with the agency in case her son was interested in getting in touch.

Although unsure that he would be interested she took the first step and the rest is history. Mother and son communicated for a year before David was ready to finally met. David is thankful about how things have worked out, “I’m just excited God is using the story through you guys to continue to share this message. So excited that the story is reaching places we could have never reached.”

Here are Melissa’s heartfelt words to women going through similar experiences. “They are not alone, there is hope there is resources available. There are only two adoptions per every 100 abortions. There are Moms and Dads that don’t have their children. There are many families looking for children and I would ask that they consider the adoption option.”

As someone that was adopted, David echoes “Adoption is a loving option, birth mothers who choose adoption are heroes. They choose life in circumstances that are tough and because of that decision they save a life and build a family. Just like melissa saved my life and allowed us to have a family. And that’s what I hope they get out of Lifemark, that birth mothers are heroes and that adoption saves lives.”

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