Diddy Is Recruiting to do God’s Work

 It’s no longer news when celebrities become vocal about their faith. It’s no longer shrouded, at least for those that have chosen to talk about it. Unlike in the past there are quite a few examples that don’t shy away from this topic and are open about it; the likes Dolly Parton, Denzel Washington, Justin Bieber, Tim Tebow, Michael Chang, William Baldwin etc. So, it’s pretty interesting when ‘out of the blues’ a celebrity of immense clout makes a call for people that want to ‘do God’s work’. That is exactly the case of Diddy aka Sean Love Combs!

Taking to his IG page, Diddy shared about the recent clarity he had received about his purpose on earth. Not only that, because of the enormity of the task he asked for help because he knows it is not something he can do alone. So, he called on others like him that were interested and were ready to run with him to achieve it.

I want to be a TRILLION PERCENT CLEAR on GOD’S purpose for me!!!

I need help 

I need executives with winning experience.
I need leaders I can learn from.
I need people that are on the same frequency about changing this world RIGHT NOW.

This post goes out to people who want to do GOD’S WORK all over the WORLD and want to have fun doing it!!! But you must have experience and receipts.

Please contact ME at Godswork@combsglobal.com!!

#GODSWORK is another level. So remember, come with receipts and have winning experience!!

From the video and Diddy’s demeanour it’s obvious just how serious what he’s saying is to him. There is no doubt that Sean Combs is a man with a proven track record that has made him the mogul he is today. He is known for his work ethic and by no means will this be any different. This telling statement says it loud and clear. “I’m looking for executers who get shit done. Make no excuses. By any means necessary within the confines of God’s will.”

It's clear that the standards for this project will be on the same level as his other endeavours and those that have worked with Diddy in the past have stories about his extreme work ethic. I look forward to learning more in the days ahead and pray Diddy success as he forges ahead! Find full details 

Diddy (Image Press Agency/NurPhoto/Shutterstock)

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