VIDEO - Your Love by Steve Crown ft Tope Alabi

 Steve Crown has released the video of Your Love to a warm reception by fans and worshippers all over the world. I find it really interesting how Tope Alabi brought her unique flavour to make the song more robust. Both ministers brought their versatile styles and blended it to produce a one-of-a-kind-song. One that will be widely accepted across hybrid audiences.

Every song goes through a different process, because the circumstances through which the inspiration occurs is also diverse. A prolific songwriter, Steve described what working on this track meant to him. “Working on this TRACK was an unforgettable and solemn moment for me! I literally could feel the deep love of Christ for Man in these lyrics…I couldn’t hold back tears. WHAT A PERFECT LOVE THAT NEVER ENDS. Friends please help me appreciate Evangelist Tope Alabi for synchronization and interpreting the deep message of what this song is about.”

The Nigerian gospel scene is bubbling and has become a hotbed of collaborations between artistes of varying genre. What this has done is shown the diversity and talent available in this sector of the music industry. Nigerian music, art, food and culture is making a global impact and every sector is telling the world the other stories of what we have to offer and this is positive despite the economic upheaval worldwide.

Do the needful…listen, share and enjoy!


Yes your love will never end
Now I am free
Free to worship you

I'm the apple of your eyes
(Eyin'ju ni monja o)

Thought that feels your heart
(Monbe l'okun aya re)

I'm forever yours
(Emi lo yan to fe latodo ninu ologo)

And you're forever mine
I'm forever yours
And you're forever mine

I'm forever yours
(Mo le yin o titi)




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