I Buried Bibles underneath My Studios – Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry

Prolific filmmaker, Tyler Perry, has revealed that he buried Bibles underneath the Tyler Perry Studios, his film establishment in Atlanta, United States. This was due to the fact that the area has a dark history. He made this statement while speaking with AARP.

The company, which occupies 330-acre of land, was acquired in 2015 and was commissioned in 2019. Since then, several movies and TV shows have been produced from the studios.

The studios house 12 sound stages which were named after black actors and actresses who have inspired Perry. It was constructed on a former Confederate army base.

It is pertinent to note that the film mogul is the first black American to own the land.

While speaking with AARP, he said that before the construction work began on the land, he buried Bibles in it because he wanted to redirect the spirit of the area.

He said, “The land itself was once a Confederate Army base, which meant there were people here fighting to keep my ancestors enslaved.”

He revealed that he felt great discomfort when he entered the land. Hence, he had to take that action.

He continued, “From the moment I walked onto the property, I was haunted by it. So, as we built each of the 12 soundstages, we buried Bibles underneath them, as a way of refocusing the spirit of the place.”

So far, he has been able to create great works in the studios, alongside support from talk show host, Oprah Winfrey. Their works have gained commendation across the globe. Besides, they have provided employment for thousands of people.

He said, “For Oprah and me, it was important to show black people that you can work together, that powers can come together and be successful.

“Thousands of people come through the gate every day to work here. And it’s a beautiful thing. A lot of them are former prisoners who wouldn’t have had this shot.”

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