U.S Pastor loses son to gun violence, calls for its end

Christiana Ford

American pastor, Christiana Ford, who is based in New Orleans, has lost her second son in a gun violence in her community. The incident happened close to her church which is not also far from her home.

Ford, who is the founder of the Silence The Violence Foundation is therefore demanding for an end to gun violence in her community. Previously, she lost her first son to gun violence.

The 39-year-old victim, Lamar Ford, lost his life after he was shot in the head on August 5, 2022. News outlet, 4WWL reported that the Police confirmed that the shooting occurred at about 11.30am that day at Elysian Fields Avenue.

Christiana is the Senior Pastor of House of Faith Non-Denominational Ministries. Lamar assisted in some of the programs of the church before the incident. Asides his mother and other siblings, he also left behind a nine-year-old son.

While describing how the shooting happened, Christiana said, "This man got out of the car and stood over him and shot him two times in the head. It's not right."

She also said that the rate of gun violence in the community is getting out of control and it is not crippling.

She said, "To see our kids getting killed daily on the streets, it's multiplying and crippling. It's out of control. We need help here in New Orleans.

"Every day, all day, somebody is being killed. That tells me it's easy to kill and it's easy to get away with it. It's my child now. Whose child is it going to be next?

"We must come together and let these criminals know they're not taking over the streets."

According to data from the Metropolitan Crime Commission, there have been 180 recorded murder cases since this year. This is a 42% increase compared to 2021.

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